The shield of faith | faith in Jesus christ

What is the shield of faith in Jesus ?

the shield of faith | faith in jesus christ

Praise the lord everyone, Today I will talk about What is the shield of faith? And do you have a faith in Jesus Christ ? Before we talk about it, let's pray. 
oh lord thank you for giving us today's day thank you for everything that you have provided to us thank you for fulfilled our need, Thank you for protecting us thank you for helping us and also have mercy on me thank you lord while you are reading this article will be blessed in their life and also do there Miracle in life Thank you lord In Jesus Name the prayer Lord Amen


 What is the shield of faith

What is the shield of faith
faith in Jesus 

So what is faith? According to oxford dictionary faith is a strong belief in somebody or something trust in or simply strong religious belief, so what is a shield of faith? As I said the faith is s strong belief that why you should have a strong shield as well like a faith in case your faith is not longer stronger or sometimes faith comes down for whatever the reasons is, but you should have to a shield which is has to be strong within the faith that means strong shied + strong faith = powerful full of faith.
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faith in god | faith of jesus verses

faith in god | faith of jesus verses
God is faithful

In our New Era there are some Dark power and also cosmic power of dark age, However if you refer the book of Ephesians 6 verse 12-14 you will understand, that why they wrestle but not for or nor for the against flesh and blood, but against the power of world the rulers of the darkness of this world and favour of the spiritual wickedness in high places.
However, you should prepare with God and take your sword. Maybe in the old days or with stand in the evil day and after that doing your work you should still stand. Therefore stand only for the truth belt that you should have to wear and the armour for the righteousness as you read the Ephesians 6:14.
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how to know if you have faith in jesus

how to know if you have faith in jesus
Faith in Jesus

My Brother and Sisters our lord is great and thou bless who have faith in him – amen. Don’t fall your faith in the god word see sometimes you ask God that you want this particular thing or something else or  may be that you like but don’t worry you will get it , because for God everything is possible . It might take time but don’t fall or fail your faith unto God our father Jesus Christ and holy spirit , sometimes it might be a God protecting us when it is late , but don’t worry God is with you.
In the book of Daniel chapter 3 verse 16 -18 if you read it in this verse basically in this verse only said that the shield of faith has been explained that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego is saying to the king that the hey Nebuchadnezzar that what have to say in this topic and they are careless to answer this matter that our God save us and whom we serve is able to deliver from burning fiery furnace and that he will deliver. But if you are not in it know unto you by the king that we will not serve thy Gods, but they serve your Gods, not  worship  the Golden image which thou hast set up.

bible verses about faith and trust

bible verses about faith and trust
Bible verses
 Now I have told you that faith is much more important as well as the shield within the faith as you read the book of Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1, say’s the faith is the important substance for the things hoped but the evidence of the thing is not seen. As it is simply written,  I remember it is a story  in my mind. This story might be in olden days that was said by our pastor , so there are 3 children. The child names were A,B,C respectively of instance . One day they were going somewhere at that time they were kidnapped or something like that and they were put into fire and within they were in them. Unfortunately the 3 children have the faith for God that our God will save us from this matter of time and they were saved due to the fire can’t burn the 3 children due to their faith and not only the faith but also have the shield of  faith . Therefore what the matter of the story is that we should see the 3 child faith that is in it.
We have fear due to our society. We don't ignore society but we should not fear anything because our God is with us.
If I take the example of Peter that is founded on Matthew 14 verse 28, and Peter answered him and said to Lord Jesus, if it be you and bid me come unto on the water and then Jesus said Come and Peter came down out of the boat or ship, Peter walked on the water.
To go to Jesus, but when peter saw the wind boisterous coming after him he was afraid and he beginning to sink, Peter cried and saying lord Jesus save me and then Jesus immediately stretched forth his hand and caught peter underneath water and Jesus said to him peter you have little faith wherefore did no to have doubt in your faith.
So we can see that faith is the most important factor of sleeves as well as for our Lord Jesus Christ so I’m referring to both new and old testament to explain the shield of faith that is necessary.
In Matthew chapter 4 verse 10-11 as written that Jesus is saying to Satan ,”Go away because it is already written that our God heavenly father we should have to praise him only. Satan left  him and angels came and ministered or served  him – Amen.
So now We are at the end of the article: what do you should only serve the God our lord and why ? And also don’t forget to  have a shield of faith in our Jesus and our God as well as yourself  too. And have the faith of faith which never required to build again and again.
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*My conclusion*
Thank you for reading my article and investing your time to read. I hope you like my article on this faith in jesus christ |the shield of faith and let me know in the comment box, and share it to your friend and family, because it gave me motivation and pleasure to write and explain new amazing topics on Gospel . Until then bye see you in the next one. God Bless you. 
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